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Artificial Intelligence specialist (#1)

Explore knowledge-intensive jobs... • 4m 29s

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  • Business development specialist (#1)

    Business development specialists analyze market trends, customer satisfaction, results of advertisement campaigns for creating company business strategy. This video explains how business development specialists use percentages for the analysis of iOS and Android app popularity among users.

  • Collaborative robotics specialist

    The future job market is already seeing the rise of collaborative robots, or cobots, which require skilled professionals to design and develop. As a cobot specialist, your role will be to ensure that these robots can work safely and efficiently alongside human workers in fields such as manufactur...

  • Fire protection engineer (#1)

    Fire protection engineers own the knowledge about how to protect buildings and nature from fire. This video will show you how wildfire protection specialists use math formulas for predicting fire spread speed.

    Primary math topic: equations and polynomials
    Other topics:
    - math: speed, time units ...